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Why Modern Adult Airguns?

The evolution of the "Adult Airgun" over the past several decades has been truly amazing. The advancement in manufacturing methods and materials have brought the precision "Modern Adult Airgun" into a class all its own. The designs and capabilities of many of these "Modern Adult Airguns" are very exciting.

They are accurate, powerful and in many cases, within the ranges of their capabilities, equal to or better than many .22 rimfires. The traditional airgun calibers like .177, .20, and .22 can be very quiet and are more than powerful enough for the taking of small game, such as rabbits and squirrels. They are also very efficient and effective for pest control. There is even a class of large bore airguns capable of taking large game such as deer and wild boar.

Hunting with a "Modern Adult Airgun" can be a very challenging and extremely rewarding experience. In many cases, hunting with an airgun can get you access to hunting grounds that would be off limits to even the rimfire calibers. The quiet aspect of hunting with airguns can give you many more shot opportunities because there is no muzzle blast to alarm your quarry.

The video "Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel" shows the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control hunting with a wide variety of "Modern Adult Airguns".

If you already hunt with airguns, you will want to see this video. If you are curious about hunting pests or small game with airguns, you will want to see this video. If you currently hunt small game with a rimfire, and are looking for alternatives, you will want to see this video.