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VarmintAir Presents: Airgun Hunting The California Ground Squirrel
One Hunter, One Gun, One Camera

Cliff Tharp is a veteran varmint hunter with over 45 years of experience. Having hunted the California Ground Squirrel with dozens of powder burner calibers as well as Modern Adult Airguns, for shear challenge and effectiveness, he prefers the airgun. Come along as he stalks and eliminates hundreds of vermin ground squirrels using today's Modern Adult Airguns.

Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel was shot with a digicam mounted on the scopes of various PCP's. With this remarkable technique, Cliff takes you inside the mind of the hunter so you will literally see what he saw and hear what he heard as the camera captures each shot as it's made. This allows you to see just how accurate and effective the Modern Adult Airgun can be for hunting small game, or as a tool for controlling and/or eliminating an unwanted pest species.
Airgun Hunting the California Ground Squirrel$19.95 DVD

There are over 265 video clips showing the effectiveness of the Modern Adult Airgun when used to hunt vermin like the California Ground Squirrel. Many clips are shown in real time and slow motion. In addition, there are segments where you will learn about the guns, ammunition, methods, and related equipment that can be used to effectively hunt California Ground Squirrels and other vermin.

If you already hunt with airguns, you'll want to see this video. If you're just curious about Modern Adult Airguns, and the possibilities of hunting small game or controlling pests with them, you'll want to see this video. If you just want a truly unique video experience, you'll definitely want to see this video. Buy Now!

With more than an hour of non-stop varmint hunting action and information, you've never seen a video like this! Order now, so you can experience this one of a kind adventure!

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